Golf Club Lignano

Golf Club

The course is a Par 72 designed by the famous architect Marco Croze integrated in 70 ectars of grounds.
The Golf Club offers long fairway, green and sand areas, 18 holes. Golf Club Lignano has held the honour of hosting International competitions such as Open d’Italia Femminile in 1993 and 1994, PGA’s Champions Trophy of Europe in 2008 and Alps Tour Servizitalia Open in 2012.

Via Casabianca, 6 - Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD)
only 2 Km far from Hotel Meridianus

Tel: +39 0431 428025
Fax: +39 0431 42323




Golf Club Udine

Golf Club Udine

The Udine Golf Club is located in Fagagna, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy, surrounded by majestic hills covered by oak and beech trees against the backdrop of the Carnic Alps.
Established in 1972, it enjoys a very central position, lying a dozen kilometres from Udine and San Daniele (a town renowned for its ham). Only 10 minutes from the A23 motorway exit Gemona-Osoppo with a direct connection to Austria. Over the years, architect Marco Croze completed work on a nine-hole course with his colleague, John Harrison, increasing it to 18 holes, harmoniously integrated in 73 hectares of grounds. Since July, 2013, following the acquisition of the Udine Golf Club by Gabriele Lualdi, new president of the Golf Club A.S.D., significant work has been carried out on the grounds in order to make this one of the best golf courses in southern Europe.
Currently, the competition course is a Par 72. Technically challenging, it covers a length of more than 6,000 metres, following the contours of the morainic hills where it is located. Right from the first tee-shot, there's the feeling of being in contact with nature thanks to the dense vegetation made up of as many as 7,000 trees within the grounds. If you have to choose a pair of holes from the many worthy of note, we would go for the most difficult ones. An ascent of more than 380 metres to hole 2, making it still longer. Hole 15 is spectacular, par 5 at 515 metres.

Via dei Faggi, 1 - 33034 Fagagna - UD - ITALIA
55 Kmfar from Hotel Meridianus

Tel: + 39 0432 800 418
Fax: + 39 0432 801312



Golf Club Castello di Spessa


Golf & Country Club Castello di Spessa

Its strategic location, in Friuli Venezia Giulia and adjacent to Slovenia and Austria, allows the Golf & Country Club Castello di Spessa
in Capriva del Friuli (Go) to breathe Central European air and spirits: as a matter of fact,
the Golf Club represents a gathering point for Italian, Austrian, German, Slovenian and Croatian golfers,
who meet and challenge each other in here, attracted by the charm of the place and by the mild climate,
which is ideal for playing also in the coldest seasons. The languages spoken in this site are Central European too:
Italian, German, Slovenian, which of course go hand in hand with English.
It was 2004 when architect Giacomo Cabrini conceived the golf course winding structure, designed in the heart of the Collio’s hills,
well renowned for their excellent wines. It is indeed along the vineyards themselves that the 18 golf course holes wind.
Several settings, which differ from one other also in the modelling of the fairways and in the extremely various structure of the holes,
which are never alike. It’s a demanding course for first-class players, as well as enjoyable and not too hard for top-class ones.

Via Spessa, 14 - 34070 Capriva del Friuli - Gorizia - Italy

Tel / Fax +39 0481 881009
Mob. +39 334 36 50 798

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